Jack’n’Jill competition

Bachata is taking over Amsterdam and it’s bearing gifts. One of them is the Jack’n’Jill (J&J) competition. This year the competition will be on Sunday 6th of November.The name and format of J&J were created by Jack Carey in California in the early 1950s to encourage a variety of dancers to enter competitions. Originally it was a ballroom contest, but nowadays it has spread all over various different styles, including bachata.

Why should you join a J&J?

J&J contest challenges you to become your best self. As social dancers, most of us feel safer in the comfortable darkness at parties, dancing like no one is watching (because no one is), and there’s nothing wrong with it – we also love the intimacy and the magic of social dancing. Although, dance is a performative form of art after all. So we think everyone has to once experience the feeling of being in the spotlight and sharing their emotions with the audience. Don’t you think it is worth getting out of your comfort zone? Trust us – it is!

pictures of dancers during a competitionpicture of the prizes of Adam bachata festival in Amsterdam

What is judged?

J&J bachata contest is a social dance competition. So, obviously, your social dance skills will be judged. We don’t want any lifts, jumps, show-smiles or crazy tricks, we want pure, beautiful connection, sharp musicality and the sincere happy look on your face. You’ll dance a short improvisation with a randomly chosen partner and try to show both your partner and yourself in the best light. We want to step away from shows and give you the opportunity to show your true self through improvisation – isn’t it what bachata is about in the first place?

Who can participate?

Anyone. If you feel like you’re ready to challenge yourself – go for it. No partner needed, no previous certificates or medals required. Just bring yourself and your competitive spirit! We’ll have several levels of competition, so don’t worry if you’re just starting your dance journey – you’ll be noticed in any case.

Captivated? Then we have good news for you! The Jack & Jill bachata contest will take place at the A’dam Bachata Festival in November! International bachata artists will be there to judge you and dancers from all over the world will be there to cheer for you – how great is that? Be sure to follow A’dam Bachata Festival on social media to stay tuned and register for the contest on time! It’s gonna be legendary and you might be the next J&J legend!


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